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Considerate Constructors Scheme
Considerate Constructors Scheme

Lengard’s philosophy is that customer care forms part of everyone’s job

All our projects are registered under the Considerate Constructor Scheme 

  • Our Customer Liaison staff will get to know the customers at the start of the project
  • Site signage is important to warn end users and pedestrians of the dangers
  • We create publicly available viewing areas
  • Solid hoardings and dust screens will stop disruption to the normal working of the building
  • Materials will often be brought to the building when it is not busy
  • All entrances to the site area are securely locked to prevent public entry


Lengard has a customer care regime under which we measure satisfaction levels of the client and, in the case of works to occupied premises, residents or end users. A major part of our business over many years has been working on occupied and mixed tenure projects, which has shown that effective client liaison is crucial to the smooth running and successful completion of such projects.

Lengard has many years experience of client liaison and customer care, which is strictly managed and implemented through Lengard´s full-time team of customer care liaison officers. We understand that working in someone’s home or working environment requires sensitivity and a high degree of communication, so we employ dedicated people to ensure that end users are properly looked after and that work is carried out with minimum disruption. We hold periodic training sessions for our liaison officers to ensure that we maintain our high standard.