The cornerstone of Lengard’s approach to equality and diversity issues is our Equal Opportunities Policy, which encompasses all equalities legislation. For Lengard, Equal Opportunities means quite literally that no one in the organisation receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, colour, race, religion, faith, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability. Our policy not only complies with the law, it ensures a friendly, equal and efficient workplace for all employees.

We are not only accredited to Investors in People, we also recently achieved Commitment to Equality accreditation – and we are the first construction company in the United Kingdom to attain this. Equality is an important issue to Lengard; and runs throughout the entire business from head office through to all sites. The company strongly adheres to our policy during recruitment, when providing services and when considering training opportunities. We ensure employees understand their rights and are aware of their right to be respected by Lengard and not to tolerate any form of discrimination or any form of harassment. If this should happen for any reason Lengard is able to sensitively handle this behaviour in an effective way.

Our workforce is committed to Lengard and in return Lengard is very committed to them, providing flexibility throughout employment as and when it’s needed. A range of options are offered, including maternity leave, paternity leave and flexible working hours for younger families. Every person working for Lengard has their own unique circumstances and we try our best to accommodate each individual needs.